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内容摘要:ON: 阿尔塞纳-温格确认赛季结束后离任[–]【Manchester United】Idislikemyroommate 2961 points 4 hours ago* Arsene statement:"After careful consideration and......

ON: 阿尔塞纳-温格确认赛季结束后离任                                                    

[–]【Manchester United】Idislikemyroommate 2961 points 4 hours ago*
Arsene statement:
"After careful consideration and following discussions with the club, I feel it is the right time for me to step down at the end of the season.
I am grateful for having had the privilege to serve the club for so many memorable years.
I managed the club with full commitment and integrity.
I want to thank the staff, the players, the Directors and the fans who make this club so special.
I urge our fans to stand behind the team to finish on a high.
To all the Arsenal lovers take care of the values of the club.
My love and support for ever."
What a man

[–]【Bayern München】Arian00 1296 points 4 hours ago
I've been for him leaving, but I can't help to feel sad.. he's a good man

[–]tanaka-taro 577 points 4 hours ago
Anyone who hates this man is crazy, most people wouldn't be able to have the mental fortitude and pure skill to achieve what he has and to keep his team at very top for most of his career.

[–]【Paris Saint-Germain】yoshi570 248 points 4 hours ago
That's like when you split up with someone that you have loved for so long. You know it's the right choice, but you can't help remembering all the good times.

[–]【Manchester United】TooSwissToWrestle 117 points 4 hours ago
I'm really happy they didn't sack him. I mean they might have pressured him into this, but despite results reading of his sacking would've just come across as crass

[–]【Newcastle United】ToosterReeth 143 points 5 hours ago
Who is cutting onions, stop it

[–]【Arsenal】1Wallet0Pence 2308 points 5 hours ago
Fuck it’s actually happening man

[–]【England】dispelthemyth 173 points 5 hours ago
Who do you think they have lined up for his job?

[–]【Arsenal】1Wallet0Pence 305 points 5 hours ago
I don’t have a clue tbh, I’d like to think the board would have someone already but I think that’s giving them too much credit.
I’m happy to wait and see though.

[–]【Arsenal】ginyuforce 320 points 5 hours ago
Cross my finger its not gonna be Brendan Rodgers

[–]【Manchester United】Mandela_Bear 260 points 4 hours ago
Hope you get David Moyes/s

[–]splitwreck 144 points 5 hours ago
Big Sam may be free very soon

[–]【Arsenal】ihaveoliveskin 6081 points 5 hours ago
The man has literally managed Arsenal for 90% of my life. Feels like a family member is about to leave.

[–]【Cambridge United】riionz 2390 points 5 hours ago
For a lot of people here it's all their life, absolutely mental.

[–]【Liverpool】bridgeorl 4591 points 4 hours ago
I'm 23 and as a child thought Arsenal was named after him

[–]【Liverpool】Jeff_Cunningham 1467 points 4 hours ago
I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

[–]【Olympique de Marseille】shindiana 549 points 4 hours ago
I am 33 and back in 1999 some of my classmates thought the same

[–]【Chelsea】BonoboUK 224 points 4 hours ago
If you’re 33, your classmates were 11 when Arsene joined.

[–]【Olympique de Marseille】shindiana 332 points 4 hours ago
Yes. But we really started to follow BPL from 1998-99 following France victory in the world cup. Arsenal became popular in France because of Vieira, Petit, Anelka.

[–]【Liverpool】Kloppite1 576 points 5 hours ago
I hope he gets a magnificent reception in his last games from fans from both sides

[–]taylorduerden95 369 points 5 hours ago
Especially at Old Trafford.

[–]【Republic of Ireland】AbraKadAbsol 447 points 5 hours ago
He made the League interesting in the period of pure dominance by United. Without Wenger, they could have won 10 on the trot.

[–]【Arsenal】toblu 365 points 5 hours ago
Yeah.. still not sure if they're grateful for that.

[–]【Liverpool】Toasterfire 395 points 5 hours ago
The rest of us are

[–]【Manchester United】Selgin 359 points 5 hours ago
That Arsenal - United, Wenger vs SAF rivalry was a thing of legend. His impact on the PL can never be understated. The last of the old guard stepping away is just so saddening.

[–]【Arsenal】ColonelNutella 174 points 5 hours ago
I don't get those feelings anymore, those games were the fiercest battles ever. You just can't find that buzz and electricity anymore.

[–]【Arsenal】Jayveesac 286 points 5 hours ago
He guided Arsenal to sustained success and for that I will forever be grateful to him. Just unfortunate his last years with the club had to go down this way.

[–]【Liverpool】Adrian5156 139 points 5 hours ago
Honestly would you not say in hindsight even his last years will be remembered fondly. 3 FA Cups in four years, only lost top 4 last two years of his career.
Win the EL and I imagine the last part of his career will be very fondly remembered

[–]【Blackburn Rovers】pharmaninja 173 points 5 hours ago
Whoever follows him is going to be in an incredible position. He is leaving the club in an extremely strong financial state.

[–]【Aston Villa】CheloniaMydas 3204 points 5 hours ago*
I just hope he is remembered for the legend he is and not for the last few years. The man is a legend not just at Arsenal but in the English game
I hope he finds himself again because he has seemed lost these last few years and it was sad to watch
Would also be nice to see him get a guard of honor at Huddersfield which is Arsenals last game of the season

[–]【Liverpool】Sinistrait 1519 points 5 hours ago*
He will definitely be remembered as a legend, because he is one.

[–]【Liverpool】macoure 498 points 5 hours ago
100% the man had an invincible season and brought us Henry and Bergkamp!

[–]【Ajax】teymon 175 points 5 hours ago
Bergkamp actually came in the year before Wenger but he played his best football under Wenger.

[–]【Rochdale AFC】Buftonbc 468 points 5 hours ago
The man went an entire season in the PL without a defeat, that alone puts him up there with the best.
Never mind the numerous achievements that came along the way.

[–]【Arsenal】Old_Man_Chrome 309 points 5 hours ago
Man city this year just proved how hard being invincible is, no matter how dominant you are, being unbeaten week in week out is tough. He left a legacy and will remain as a true legend of the game.

[–]【Gillingham】decster584 202 points 5 hours ago
The man literally defined modern football in this country. For all his failings in his last few seasons he's a true legend of the game.

[–]【Watford】TheJeck 106 points 5 hours ago
He may have lived long enough to become a villain, but he still dies a hero.

[–]【Huddersfield Town】raknavag 1810 points 5 hours ago
What a career. Top man.

[–]【Douglas Haig】Portagoose 1070 points 5 hours ago
What a career.
No mention of retiring! he's just leaving Arsenal.

[–]【Arsenal】DontEatTheChildren[S] 635 points 5 hours ago
Oh shit you're right, interesting to see what's next

[–]【Newcastle United】ChadHogan_ 438 points 5 hours ago
Take over France after the World Cup maybe?

[–]SchumiRegenmeister 458 points 5 hours ago*
Probably more likely to take over England.
He's stayed in the UK/London for decades now whilst repeatedly rebuffing offers from elsewhere, I'd say he's more inclined to stay in London. The guy could have managed Juventus, Barca, Madrid and the French NT throughout the 00s but he rebuffed them for Arsenal. The guy must love living in the UK/London.

[–]【Douglas Haig】Portagoose 336 points 5 hours ago
He could live in london and manage France, international management is not a full time job and St Pancras to Paris is 2 hour on the train.

[–]【Arsenal】turdburglersc 466 points 5 hours ago
i think the french manager of the french team choosing to live in london would make the french collectively lose their shit.

[–]【Leicester City】Rulweylan 560 points 5 hours ago
For that reason alone, we should support it.

[–]【Liverpool】rossmosh85 404 points 5 hours ago
One of Arsene's most underrated accomplishments is how he managed Arsenal while managing the stadium debt. During those years, he managed to keep Arsenal in the top 4, barely spend any cash, and kept a very reasonable wage bill. Without him, Arsenal would have never been able to build and finance the stadium the way they did. Frankly, I'm not sure there is another manager in the world that could have accomplished what he did.

[–]【Woking】tharvey96 1069 points 6 hours ago
Is there really any point in keeping the club without him?

[–]bumapples 940 points 6 hours ago

[–]【Woking】tharvey96 380 points 5 hours ago
Do we rename it next season with the new manager? Bigsam-enal?

[–]【Tottenham Hotspur】MousaDembaele 249 points 5 hours ago
Nah, just rename the manager. Incoming Pardsene Wenger

[–]JeannotVD 254 points 5 hours ago
"Arsène" becomes the title of an Arsenal manager, ex: Arsène Unai Emery.

[–]【Liverpool】JWL1092 1418 points 6 hours ago
Will be very weird to see someone else managing Arsenal. I have a feeling the transition period will be very rough.

[–]【England】hesitantrice 1757 points 6 hours ago
I used to think Arsene owned Arsenal because of the name

[–]【Wycombe Wanderers】weedkrum 860 points 6 hours ago
Just 90s kids things

[–]_thedarkknight 324 points 6 hours ago
Ah, much simpler times.
When Man Utd always won.

[–]【Liverpool】abhineetd 180 points 6 hours ago
He at least managed to snag Auba and Mkhi for them, and get Ozil to sign a contract till 2021.

[–]【Tottenham Hotspur】scarlet0709 804 points 6 hours ago
End of a fucking era. Despite the heated rivalry, modern football wouldn't be the same without this one man. Respect all over

[–]【Manchester City】poiuytrewqazxcvbnml 316 points 5 hours ago
It's crazy. As a kid, it was Benitez=Liverpool, Mourinho=Chelsea, Ferguson=United and Wenger=Arsenal. Each of them leaving individually was a bit weird but now they're all gone it's crazy.

[–]【Kaizer Chiefs】allthisjusttocomment 988 points 6 hours ago
RIP 阿森纳饭TV

[–]【Chile】cbrozz 193 points 6 hours ago
"Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal to join AFTV"

[–]【KV Mechelen】RandomName01 408 points 6 hours ago
Inb4 the default response starts being “Wenger in”.
坐等以后的默认回复变成“Wenger in”。

[–]【Manchester United】nickeddewicked 289 points 6 hours ago
Nah if this is anything like when we lost Sir Alex it's just the beginning

[–]【Norwich City】JangoAllTheWay 1017 points 6 hours ago
Wenger In

[–]【Liverpool】nowitasshole 309 points 6 hours ago
The scenes when he pulls a Jupp and is back in the job by next Christmas.

[–]【Newcastle United】iworkforanasshole 821 points 6 hours ago
Stay the fuck away from Rafa

[–]【Liverpool】fakecatfish 285 points 6 hours ago
Jesus his defensive solidity with those attacking weapons... Could be scary.

[–]【Newcastle United】iworkforanasshole 101 points 6 hours ago
I actually think he'd be an unreal manager for them, which is exactly the reason why I want them to fuck off

[–]【Arsenal】hw1239 284 points 6 hours ago
Definitely the right decision for the club, hopefully we can win the Europa League to give him one last bit of glory at the end of an incredible career

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